Port of Lohusalu

Port of Lohusalu is situated some 30 km from Tallinn in the middle of a popular holiday resort. The well-known port is protected from wind and storms and has room for ten visitor vessels.

The amenities of this modern port will satisfy even the needs of the most demanding – water and electricity supplies on the pier, round the clock fuelling. Relaxing in a hot sauna or under the cooling shower. Naturally such things as phone, fax and internet are available to all guests.

Like any other respectable port, Lohusalu has a restaurant and has also gained fame for organising dance nights. To protect the safety of our guests we also have 24h security guard on the premises.

This summer Laulasmaa Spa Resort, which is about 4 km from the marina will be re-opened for guests.
18km from the harbour, at Niitvälja you will find an 18 hole golf course that applies to all international standards.

Who feels the need for city life can take a bus trip to Tallinn. Buses from Lohusalu to Tallinn run on a regular schedule.


More info http://www.lohusalu.ee/index.aw/set_lang_id=2